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Packaging Manufacturing
Allviron Health and Safety Policy

An injury and illness free workplace is an annual objective of Allviron and it’s staff.

This policy recognises that Allviron is responsible for the health and safety of all employees and visitors in the workplace. In fulfilling this responsibility we have a duty to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.

To meet the objectives of this policy, we are committed to regular discussions with employees to ensure that health and safety issues are regularly reviewed. Health and safety is most effective when a joint owner/manager and employee approach is used to identify and continually improve health and safety performance.

Owner l Manager l Supervisor must ensure:

·      Effective implementation of this policy.

·      Their responsibilities under the OHS Act and Regulations are met, and other legislation, codes of practice and industry standards are complied with.

·      The provision and maintenance of safe premises and equipment.

·      Agreed procedures for regular discussion between the owner/manager and employees are followed.

·      Immediate action is taken to address safety events, near misses or concerns raised by staff and an incident review conducted at the next Toolbox meeting.

·      Regular workplace inspections are conducted.

·      Information, training and supervision for all employees in the correct use of plant, equipment, chemicals and other substances used, is provided.


·      Have a duty to take care of their health and safety and that of others.

·      Must comply with safety procedures and directions.

·      Must not willfully interfere with or misuse items or facilities provided in the interest of health and safety.

·      Must inform the business owner of dangers and accidents and near accidents occurring at the workplace.

Visitors and contractors:

·      Must not put themselves or any of our employees at risk.

·      Must abide by our safety policy and rules.

·      Not enter restricted areas without permission.

This policy will be regularly reviewed in the light of changes to the workplace and changes in legislation.

Occupational health and safety involves shared responsibilities and a team approach. All at Allviron collaborate in realising our health and safety objectives and creating a safe work environment.

Last Updated on Monday, 11 October 2010 14:29